Friday, February 1, 2008

Painted Like a Clown

I don't wear make up in my day to day life. If I'm feeling adventurous one day I may put on some lip gloss but that's about it. Last night, though, I decided it would be easier for me to put on my stage make up at home instead of competing for space in the dressing room as I was already running quite late and wouldn't be able to stake out early territory. Then I get in the car and realize I have to get gas. I felt like a fool going into pay. I probably didn't look as ridiculous as I felt. I even tend to keep the stage make up as natural looking as possible although I did do "dramatic" eyes for this character. Thank the FSM that I didn't put on the fake lashes or I would have just braved it hoped I could get there on fumed. But when I get to the theater? They canceled dress. One of the actresses was quite ill and they didn't want to do photos without her. Her being a lead and all. Man I was pissed.

Besides that I was totally out of it last night. I was alright for acts I & II, although apparently my volume has gotten quite low. But Act III? I was just lost. I couldn't remember other characters names. Lines that had never been a problem for me were just wafting away. I was drifting off into spaciness during key moments of the play. God, it was just bizarre. I can't remember the last time I was so disengaged on stage. I think I need a day off. Thank goodness I get one tomorrow. Six days to opening though. I've got to get it together.

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Ty Unglebower said...

hi. Thanks for your comment. Sorry I have been too busy to leave you some comments recently.

My show opens on February 23.