Sunday, February 22, 2009

Partial Nudity Envy and an Accent

March 7th will be my first read through for Bedroom Farce. There has been a casting shuffle that I'm not quite sure I understand. I was playing Kate, now Susannah. I was really attached to Kate. There are three scenes I really wanted to do. The first was the partial nudity scene. Well, I guess not really partial nudity but it was to be a scene that I played in a bra and jeans. That's my favorite sexy me outfit. There was a scene where Kate tells her husband that sometimes when they're having sex she thins and putting carpet in or what color they should paint the walls. I just thought that was hilarious. Now someone else gets to do it. And then there was the scene where Kate is lying in bed and the phone rings and she sends another character, Susannah, into a tizzy by telling her that her husband is at another woman's house. And she does it without waking up.

Susannah is the larger part but that really isn't the point. I just really liked Kate and got to know her. Plus the guys playing her husband is hot. I spoke with the woman that was playing Susannah, who is now playing Jan, and she is also not happy. If I can get my hands on the woman playing Kate now and find out how she feels maybe we could confront the director and see what we can do about getting ourselves recast yet again into our original roles.

Oh, and he just decided that we're doing English accents.