Friday, September 7, 2012

Everything Changed...

…then changed again.
So I had to give up my part in Memory of Water. My financial situation made the trek to a theater more than an hour from both my work and home daily impossible. The burlesque showcase is currently on hold.

But nothing is going to keep me from working in the theater!
I will be choreographing for a new theater in Hartford called Urban Traditions. The show will be in January and it is a showcase being done as a fund raiser to help the theater raise enough money to hopefully morph into a non-union paid theater. The founder is very passionate and I’m excited to see the direction the theater takes. This particular showcase is not really my thing. It’s a family friendly night and there will be kids in it. I’m not a big fan of working with kids. Or sweet schmaltz. But in June there is going to be a South Park/Book of Mormons night and that is totally in my groove. I haven’t committed to the South Park thing yet but I hope that my experience with the January showcase is good and that the director likes me and my work so we can work together on that as well. The theater itself is also really interesting because one of the goals is to have true color blind casting and to get more people of color on stage. To that I can only say, YAY! Tired of watching talented friends get looked over because they aren’t the right color for the part.

I am also acting as dance captain for Spring Awakenings. Dance captain? For Spring Awakenings? I know, I know. It isn’t a dance show but the producer seems to think that there will be a use for me so we will have to see. I’m excited because I love the show and really need to be involved right now. So I’ll just hang around the theater and sweep the floor if I have to.

So a whole new set of things to think about and work on.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Resurrection

It is time to resurrect this blog. I have done a number of interesting, enjoyable, and frustrating shows since the last time I updated this blog. I played May in Fools for Love. I choreographed Reefer Madness the Musical. I got involved in new theater groups. I have seen a lot of theater locally and in New York City. None of these shows has a record of the highs and lows and I realized how sad I was that I wasn’t blogging regularly anymore. So, I’m back baby! Or I will be as soon as something starts.
I was recently cast in Memory of Water by Shelia Stevenson at a new theater in Collinsville, CT. I haven’t received my script yet. I don’t know which crazy sister I am playing. But my favorite director asked me to do it so I said yes! I’m expecting the script to arrive in the next couple of days so hopefully I’ll start blogging on that topic very soon.
I am also going to be putting together a burlesque revue at Hole in the Wall Theater in New Britain. It’s just in its nascent stages and I’m not sure yet how much control I am going to have over the production if any beyond choreographing it. I am hoping to be the shows director as well as its choreographer but we will see. I got in touch with a board member to find out what the route to follow is so hopefully I wil hear about this soon and begin work on that show.
I am excited to restart this blog even if it only is read by bots and the occasional person who finds it because I will probably say tits and ass more than once and they are disappointed to find out that I blog about acting on stage instead of in porn.
Talk soon!