Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Way She Moves

Very nice compliments last night from H, our esteemed director. I’ve never been able to take a compliment very well and he was almost gushy with me last night. I was all blush and giggle. He likes the way I move and said that even though I basically sit throughout the entire play that I make even that interesting. It’s my neck. And the way I hold my head. All I can say is Thank You H.

Last night we did a partial costume run. And I must say I was quite happy with my new dress. I think it’s sexy, yet appropriate. The last one I think looked like I was going to cocktail party, not standing trial for murder. Tonight is full costume and picture night. I always hate this rehearsal at PRP because the photographer, who is fabulous I have to say, gets right on the stage and right up in your face while you are rehearsing. It is incredibly difficult to ignore a man who is inches from you with a camera.

Oh, that reminds me, pics from my last production New Voices ’07 are up on the website here. I’m the one in the flowered dress and the superman T-shirt.

Rehearsals have been tough. From my last two outbursts you can probably tell that we are having some trouble with cast members learning their lines. Now it’s just one. And it’s killing us. It slows the pace and breaks all the tension that being built up. One week until we open. One.

But besides the complaints, I must say there are some awfully nice bright spots in the cast. KF, who plays Mrs. John Joseph Hutchins, is very fun and watchable. B, playing the clueless cop, is so very funny. KP as the disapproving sveedish housekeeper is so shocked, SHOCKED, by the sinning. And the dance hall girl, played by E, is spot on. The man who plays my lawyer is just so persuasive. I’m going to win every night! I’m aware that H hopes that’s not true but until L the DA learns his lines I don’t think he’s going to be able to convince the jury that I committed the crimes I admit to on the stand much less the murder I’m on trial for.

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