Thursday, January 17, 2008

Off Book, Nerves, and the Future.

Last night was my first off book rehearsal for J16. Overall, a pretty good rehearsal. I really like the actor who is playing my attorney. And with such a large cast there are a number off actors whom I’ve never spoken a word to yet so it’s cool that I have someone I’m so comfortable with in the cast. It was overall a pretty uneventful rehearsal. With the set up of the show only the two lawyers really have any blocking. At that’s even pretty minimal so it does make for much easier rehearsals.

There was one moment that was pretty funny last night and I caused it. At the very end of the act I have a confrontation with the widow of the man I’m accused of murdering. It’s a very angry exchange and I have to get pretty worked up to go after her during her testimony. So I sit there and get my self so worked up that I hear ringing in my ears and I can see a little halo of yellow light on the outside of my vision. I’m pissed. So I stand and begin delivery my lines and the exchange is on and then I yell, “Mrs. Faulkner!” “What is it?” She responds. And suddenly the words were just gone. There was nothing but this extreme spitting anger, but no words, and nothing rational left in me to call for lines so all that comes out of my mouth is “I don’t know!” And the room totally broke up. I almost burst into tears. Not out of embarrassment but because I had all of this anger and resentment and there was just no way to funnel it. But after a deep breath I just started laughing so hard. We ran I just that section again and I was fine but I couldn’t get that ear ringingly irate again without the build up so I’m afraid the scene wasn’t as good. But I did get all my lines out. Next run of that scene Sunday. I only have six bloody lines in that exchange so I hopefully will not screw it up again.

So tonight I have Act II off book. I have a huge emotional break at the end of the act that comes without the emotional prep that I’ve had in the past for that sort of thing so we’ll see how that goes. And tomorrow I have my first shooting day for CC. I’m very excited and nervous about that. I also have to be off book for Act III tomorrow and I am definitely not feeling quite as secure about it as the other two acts. But I should have two hours between the shoot and the rehearsal so I should be able to get it down. It’s only about eight pages. And I’m pretty comfortable with this last four.

Last night I was invited to read the script for newer Neil Simon play called Proposals. I don’t know the show but I really like PRP so I’d be excited to do yet another show there. My only hang up is that both LTM and Suffield Players are doing Blithe Spirit in the spring and I’ve always wanted to play the dead wife part. But do I take a part I know I can have with a theater company that I really enjoy working with or do I take my chances and audition for a part in a play I really like but may not get cast in and then have nothing lined up for the spring? It’s a really really hard choice for me. But reading the show won’t hurt and maybe I’ll just love the part. And maybe I can not commit until after I audition for Blithe Spirit and can keep it as a back up. I hate to do that though. Particularly because I am so new to PRP and don’t want to box myself out before I’m really in. It is nice to go from no choices and never getting cast to too many choices I must say. My husband always wants to know why I do show on top of show on top of show and the answer is that you just never know when it will dry up. When someone will be the newer better flavor. Plus I’m getting near the end of ingĂ©nue stage and will have to move into more mature women roles which are harder to find. It sucks to be getting “old” in my mid 30s.

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