Monday, January 14, 2008

Lotsa Stuff Going On

On January 4th I had surgery. I started to know I needed surgery around Christmas but kept thinking maybe I could put it off a few months. On the Friday before New Year’s I knew that was a ridiculous assumption and by the Wednesday after New Year’s I was begging my doctor to do it that day. Not just the pain but because I have so much going on that it was way better to do it earlier than try to wait and screwing up my rehearsal schedule farther into the process. So I missed the first three rehearsals for January 16th and had to put off a meeting for The Callahan Project. But I am back on track now thank goodness.

Rehearsals have been going well for J16. We are rehearsing in the space which is both helpful and frustrating. I like the actual feel of being in the real space and I even enjoy having the set going up around me. But it’s also dirty, the stage for the last show had a beach on it that included a ridiculous amount of sand that’s in buckets everywhere and seems to be in every crevice of everything in the theater, and there are trip hazards just off the floor of the stage everywhere. I swear I’m going to be killed by the ½ inch lip they built to contain the sand from the last set. But as set build continues I’m sure that it will get neater and neater and that lip will get removed.

H is a different kind of director than I’ve worked with before. We will be running along and then all of a sudden he’ll stop and work a bit, a scene, 4 lines, a cross, for 15 minutes. And then we run along again. And you can never tell what it’s going to be. You’ll run through some pretty darned rough patches and he says nothing and then when things seem to be going along swimmingly suddenly we stop and work and work and work. It’s only been me that was being worked once so far. And believe me, I needed the work. So it is a really useful exercise. I just haven’t been able to make rhyme or reason of it yet. But overall things seem pretty good. I’m off book for Act I and II now. And I’ve been listening to my Act III lines on loop on and off since 10:30 this morning so hopefully I’ll be off book tonight. If there is rehearsal, it snowed last night and everyone seems concerned about a parking ban and with no parking comes no rehearsal. And that would suck as I have not yet been to an Act III rehearsal.

I don’t have a lot to say about the film project. I met the director once. Seems nice. I have a table read tomorrow. That’s good. I’ve never done film so I’m a little nervous about all that but I’m sure I’ll be just fine for this project and maybe I’ll learn enough to do some more. I just hope that the filmmaker, K, is a good director. I have an inherent need for a director in this early stage in my acting career so I hope his youth and the difference in our ages won’t get in the way of him being able to mold me. Not that I won’t listen because he’s young. Not what I mean at all. But that he will either be afraid to tell me or that he won’t have enough experience to know how to tell me. But table read tomorrow and time to size myself up against the other actor. So that should be really interesting anyway.

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