Thursday, December 27, 2007

Once More from the Top

Finally, I begin the process again. That was by far the longest break I’ve taken for ages. On Thursday, January 3 I start rehearsals for The Night of January 16th. It’s a rough schedule with only Tuesdays and Saturdays off followed by 5 performances a week, Wednesday through Sunday. The Sunday is a matinee. I hate matinees.

I am also filming a movie. I hope. This is my third attempt at trying to do some film work. One of them you watched fall apart on this very blog and the second I didn’t even bother blogging about because it seemed like it was on shaky ground. And it was. But this one, The Callahan Contraption, seems much more organized, is filming pretty locally to me, and has a fun and funny script. Plus it has physical violence in it from my character. That is ridiculously exciting. I love to beat stuff. People and stuff. Stuffs better though because you can actually beat it. I have a meeting with the writer/director and the actor who plays the male lead. It’s some kind thesis project so I’ll have more details to blog about after the meeting.

And so begins my downward spiral into manic obsessive navel gazing once again. Oh, I’m SO looking forward to that day when I once again realize that I am a completely talentless hack who should never try and act again.

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