Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

Tonight's show is canceled due to a parking ban. That blows because I only get so many shows and to miss even one is sad. And my Saturday morningtable read was rescheduled a week for the same reason.

Last night was much better than Wednesday. Much better. Although, there was an older gentleman and his hot skinny blond thing in the jury box and they were quite rude. Chatting and holding hands and by the end cuddling and making out. And then an older lady fell asleep. I don't blame her though. The audience dresses for winter and then they end up on stage in the jury box under the searingly hot lights. I can totally see how someone not accustomed to that would just fall asleep. It still isn't cool for the rest of the audience to see that. Well, two shows to go.

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Ty Unglebower said...

I have heard of this show before, and had the chance to try out for it. The concept is intriguing, but frankly, the whole jury notion always somewhat freaked me out as an actor. There is little enough control over what people might do in an audience...but when you have people actively engaged in deciding how a play will proceed...I admit it gives me the willies.

Some shows with audience interaction are fine...melodramas, "The Complete Works..." series. But not knowing what ending will happen,and having potentially rude and uninterested people up on the actual stage...not my thing. Probably a good thing I didn't try out when I had that chance.