Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I hurt myself pretty bad today and can barely stand on my left leg so I’m going to be skipping rehearsal. Yeah. I feel like an asshole. But I can’t do it tonight. It won’t be worth anyone’s time for me to pretend that I could.


Rikibeth said...

Hey, MuzakBox! It's Rikibeth from Pandagon. Sorry you're injured. I came over here so as not to clutter up the thread with stuff about the Hartford club scene.

As for Goth nights -- there aren't any in Hartford proper right now, not since Theatro Del Scassa at the Webster Underground went on hiatus (I don't have the story, I need to talk to Vinny about it). Flux at Gotham Citi in New Haven is over too. But there's Haven at Diva's in Northampton on Tuesdays, and Ulteria in New Haven twice a month, and Necropolis in Stamford, and I know there's a weekly Friday thing in Providence, and there's also some activity in Albany, which is no further than Boston, and I have friends there.

I don't go to any of the clubs you mentioned -- although I work at Marquee which is in the same building as 960.

Feel free to drop me an email!

Muzak Box said...

Riki I am apparently stupid because I can't figure out how to email you personally. I am always excited to talk to someone with like ideas! And you work in my neighborhood. Maybe we could do coffee at JoJo's one afternoon?